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herbs and olive oil in ice cube trays

Frozen Herbs in Olive Oil

A quick tutorial on how to freeze fresh herbs in olive oil to enjoy all year.

Keyword Herbs
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 4 hours


  • a variety of fresh herbs
  • olive oil or avocado oil


  1. Wash the herbs and separate them based on type. Discard any tough stems that you would not want to eat.

  2. Chop the herbs into the size that you would use in a recipe (for example, finely mince chives, or cut basil into thin strips [chiffonade]).

  3. Add some of one type of herb to an ice cube mold (see post discussion on how much to use). Only use one type of herb in each mold. Add enough olive or avocado oil to just cover the herbs; it's okay if the mold is only half full.

  4. cover the mold (if it has a lid), and place flat in the freezer. It should take about 4 hours or a little more to freeze. I leave them overnight.

  5. Once frozen, quickly run the tray under hot water to loosen the cubes, and then pop each cube out. Place the cubes in a zip top bag, and label the bag with the type of herb that's in there.

  6. Add frozen herb cubes to soups, dressings, marinades, or anything else that you would normally use fresh herbs!